Singer + Songwriter
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Amanda Fields is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. Her spirit and her songs are filled with a melancholic kindness and the beauty of nature she's found in Appalachian coal mining towns, the closely knit folks that inhabit them, and slow paced life that moves there. A self-titled EP is her professional debut as a singer-songwriter. The record was co-written with John Pennell, a hero of Fields. Before this musical dream come true, Amanda studied and fell in love with his work. Pennell is a key member of the bluegrass scene and has collaborated with Alison Krauss since the 80's. This record is testament that John's helped pass the fire of bluegrass tradition to Amanda. She says of the tunes and collaboration: “They're songs for plain, working class people. People who have pain, who need sad songs so they don't feel alone. That's what John's songs were for me growing up. They made me feel like someone somewhere felt the way I did.” Sad Eyed Blue Ridge Girl, the first single of the record, is a time traveling ballad of yearning and unrequited love amid Earth's delicate seasons. Amanda's soft, sweet voice sings “Till the morning doves will cry/And the flowers are unfurled/Through the silence of the trees/With the melodies of spring/For your Sad Eyed Blue Ridge girl.” The lyrics have been carefully crafted to match the beautiful melodies that frame the tune. Amanda and an expert cast of musicians echo like troubadours that've traveled every holler, river, road, and trail that Appalachia boasts. This music has a yearning for truth, for peace, and for love. It is an incredibly promising debut that's etched with beauty. Amanda has been seeking the good things in each step of her journey and every word she sings is proof.